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Motivated by the current industry landscape and the seeming "industry standard", Tom Bell decided that a risk was needed if he was going to pursue his vision for a new standard of excellence for Fiber Optic Services in the Telecommunication industry. Realizing it was time to apply his passion and experience of 12 years, most devoted specically to Fiber Optics , to making a difference....  and Fiber Connection, Inc. was born. 

The idea wasn't something revolutionary, but it was certainly necessary.   By combining full service, "turn-key" maintenance, diagnostic, and repair services and a unique commitment to the customer experience by  scaling services, support, and pricing to the customers needs, it is clear that FCI is committed to raising the standard of excellence. 

At Fiber Connection, Inc. we believe there is so much more to doing businesses than  just checking a box on a bid submission; the measure of our success is our reputation, and we will continue to exceed expectations by establishing  relationships that that ensure you are getting more than a vendor...  our value comes from the peace of mind from  dealing with professionals who will go the extra mile to understand your need, keep costs low, and maximize your potential. 

We look forward to finding out more about your business, and invite you to contact us anytime.

Call Us:845​​-94-FIBER

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